posted on Jun 12, 2014

atp s_b 2014-16bBeulah Pothuri, a native of Vijayawada, India, is a sweet and joyous soul! With a smile ever on her face, she welcomed us into her life during our time in India. Playing tour guide, she showed us all around Kethanakonda and a.Konduru.

Behind the scenes Beulah is also a business woman that has a passion for empowering the women of India. She marries her joy for life and keen eye for style by running a.ku designs, a business that employs local women to sew handbags, purses, and home decorations, and helps provide education for children at a local school in a.Konduru. While in India we got to spend an afternoon with the women of a.ku designs, watching them work and admiring their beautiful products. The women who work at a.ku designs all have different stories, and they all have different circumstances that brought them there. But they have all found a home in a.ku designs, in a business that will employ and empower women in a culture where they are otherwise seen as second class citizens.

Visit the a.ku designs website HERE.

“a.ku gave these women hope where there is no hope left in their lives… a.ku gave them happiness where they thought struggling is the only way in their lives…it gave them new life…”   -Beulah

aku blog 01aku blog 02IMG_2518aku blog 03aku blog 03baku blog 04aku blog 05aku blog 06aku blog 06baku blog 07The profits of a.ku designs are put to good use, helping provide educational scholarships at a local school for children in the lowest social classes in India. We also spent a good amount of time at this school. It was beautiful to see children with access to an education – an education that will literally help break the cycle of oppression and poverty. Without scholarships, many of these children would never have the ability to afford an education. Instead they would spend their childhood working either in a brick factory or crushing rocks to make gravel, merely trying to help make enough money to put food on the table. Here, they dream of becoming doctors, engineers, and artists. Their future is forever changed because of education.

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To help support a.ku designs you can visit their website HERE.
To invest in a child’s education at this school through sponsorship, visit their website HERE.
To learn more about the UCCI School System, click HERE.